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“There is a huge difference in how [my direct report] now copes and deals with challenges. He is more proactive about going out and doing things without being assigned tasks. He is quicker to recover from stressful situations and has increased confidence. His gained focus and his heightened visibility increased the capability of the whole department”

− S.S., Planning &
Service Delivery Manager

“The speed of the transformation was impressive. The department was able to achieve much more due to [my direct report's] new tools and new attitude”

− Anonymous

“The benefits were very obvious and really showed early in the process.  It helped [my direct report] build her self-confidence, see better results and have trust in her own capabilities. Right away I noticed that her stress level was either much lower and much more under control – it was very apparent as an observer.  She had gained a heightened sense of control and I think she is happier at work. This was felt by a lot of people, co-workers and myself. Working together as a team became more pleasant and effective, as though the coaching experience burst a bubble!”

− P.B., Manager of Service Delivery

Corporate Coaching

Simone Alberts offers full spectrum coaching services for corporate clients looking to optimize their employees' performance, engagement and work efficiency.

Corporate coaching initiatives are customized to the corporate client's needs, including:

  • Working with stakeholders to ensure alignment of the corporate coaching initiative with existing leadership attributes and performance objectives.
  • Tripartite goal setting with the coachee and their manager at the onset of the initiative, as well as at the half-way and end point to ensure transparency and alignment while maintaining coachee confidentiality.
  • Initial two hour coachee on-boarding session are followed by scheduled bi-monthly one-on-one coaching sessions.
  • Comprehensive multi-stakeholder evaluation of coaching impact.

What coachees and their leaders are saying about their corporate coaching experience with Simone Alberts:

"In all the years I have been in a management role, this is the best leadership training I have taken. Others have helped, but not as much as this coaching initiative. The bi-weekly coaching sessions ensured I made changes in my daily activities and actions."

-C.M., Operations Manager

"I believe this was so successful because it was all about the coachee and their needs. I think this is key to the success of this initiative. The coachee feels so valued by the company because of the time that was invested in them. I think the reason other programs have not worked as well is because they arre generic and there was no follow up."

- S.S., Planning Manager

"There was a great focus on business outcomes, good participation of leader and coachees in creating personalized developmental objectives."

-J.C., Performance Manager

"The personalization of this process allowed participants to tackle issues that are truly relevant."

- A.L., Customer Service Manager

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