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"Simone has worked with me as my coach for both my personal and professional goals. Since I have started working with Simone, I have a much clearer picture of what my goals are and I have made great strides in achieving them. I have complete trust in her and truly believe she is interested in being part of my journey. If you are interested in more details about working with Simone, please feel free to contact me. I would be happy to share them."

— Shamim Sachedina, Manager of Workforce Planning and Operations, Aeroplan Canada

"The Coaching that Simone offered was not your typical coaching. Simone helped me take control of different aspects of my life, especially my role as a Customer Service Manager. Simone also helped me to be stronger so I could manage stressful situations in my personal life as well. I have renewed confidence in myself and my role as a Manager. I am happier and feel better about myself. Simone has made me see that change starts with me and comes from within. She is genuine, honest and non-judgmental. She is a fantastic coach!"

— B. Heikel, Customer Service Manager

"Simone's positive energy and caring personality makes her an amazing coach. I am very grateful to have her by my side.

Having found my passion in my work as an entrepreneur, I was slowly letting it take over my life. With coaching, it helped me find the balance that I needed where I can enjoy both life/work. Working with Simone, we viewed my obstacles in different perspectives to help me find the right solutions.

Simone keeps me on track with my goals, she pushes my motivation to the next level and challenges my should's and if's.

I thank her for being my coach, thank you Simone Alberts!"

— W.A., Web and Graphic Designer

"Simone has a very unique and effective way of helping me put complex issues and emotions into perspective. Working with her has given me the tools to clarify and simplify my life, allowing me to focus on those things that are most important to my success, both personally and professionally. I am calmer, focused and centred, and look forward to continued self-advancement through our coaching sessions."

— B.P., Loyalty Marketing Manager

"Receiving coaching from Simone is proving to be truly beneficial for me. From the beginning, her approach has been holistic - engaging values and relationships, as well as career, business and personal development. I appreciate her clarity of thought and her warm, professional manner. I've enjoyed the process and the appreciated the results. I would recommend Simone."

— K.L., Development Officer

“I found coaching with Simone to be beneficial because it pulled me out of the day to day operations, more like a observer looking at what is going on. This allowed me to act differently - more strategically by thinking more rationally. Only then can you plan what you really should be doing and dive back into the operations with a different perspective.

Coaching helped me stay accountable to what I said I wanted to do differently. Although stress is still there, the difference is that I now have control over it. I learned to do things with “intention” rather than by “reaction” – I now go into things using strategy, rather than simply reacting, because I am in better mental state. I now prioritize my work better. I am not bringing negativity home – I feel less stress in my life outside of work as well. No more rehashing things that happened at work with my family! And I am using what I learned in coaching sessions to help others because it helps me empower others – direct reports and co-workers.

I appreciate the solid structure Simone kept in order for this experience to be of more service for me. I wish my entire team can go through this process – we can all benefit from this and I mean this very sincerely.”

— Cathy MacCoubrey, Travel Operations Manager

“Coaching was a very positive experience for me. It allowed me to put things back in perspective. It gave me the time to reflect on many aspects of my life, both personally and professionally, and learn new tools to add to my tool box. This has been very positive. By learning about myself, it allowed me to put my focus on the right places and make sure to use a different approach. It has allowed me to be happier in the scheme of things.

The process of coaching spoke to me, both in its visual and progressive nature. My relationship with my leader has improved, which helps us communicate better and get the right results. And this allowed me to go to the next level as a manager, because I understood what is expected of me from my leader. We have more clarity and trust, which makes working together easier and more pleasant.

I enjoyed the tools I learned; they gave me a more holistic view of my situation. That really was the kick start for me to realize several things: Where I want to be, what I like and don’t like. I really started feeling that there is a change happening in me and it is really working for me. Now I have the tools and the basis, but it does not stop for me here – it will always be part of my life. I want to sustain this new found way of living, professionally and personally, and make sure to use it on an ongoing basis.”

— Pierre Bourbonnais, Manager of Service Delivery

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