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The Process: How I Work

Coaching is accessible and adaptable to busy schedules

After an initial 2 hour introduction, coaching sessions consist of two 45 minute conversations a month. This can be done in person or over the telephone.

Telephone coaching is a convenient choice for busy lives, as it enables top results in the least amount of time. There is no need to wrestle with traffic to make it to an appointment! It also allows clients to attend session while they are out of town.

Coaching can and does address your whole life. Together we will clarify what is important to you and discover what motivates you. This will keep you focused on producing the results you are looking for. Our coaching will help you approach your life from a place of conviction as well as inspired choice, creativity and curiosity.

Together we will set individual and specialized targets, brainstorm possible solutions, find alternative perspectives, strategize options and make inspired changes. In addition to championing your success, I will help you stay accountable to yourself.

As your coach, I am committed to help you overcome any hurdles, which may have kept you from living the life you want. Our work will help you eliminate life-draining habits and substitute them with life-rewarding practices. My focus is your results. Your agenda guides the process.

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CTI - Certified Professional Co-Active Coach