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“There is a huge difference in how [my direct report] now copes and deals with challenges. He is more proactive about going out and doing things without being assigned tasks. He is quicker to recover from stressful situations and has increased confidence. His gained focus and his heightened visibility increased the capability of the whole department”

− S.S., Planning &
Service Delivery Manager

“The speed of the transformation was impressive. The department was able to achieve much more due to [my direct report's] new tools and new attitude”

− Anonymous

“The benefits were very obvious and really showed early in the process.  It helped [my direct report] build her self-confidence, see better results and have trust in her own capabilities. Right away I noticed that her stress level was either much lower and much more under control – it was very apparent as an observer.  She had gained a heightened sense of control and I think she is happier at work. This was felt by a lot of people, co-workers and myself. Working together as a team became more pleasant and effective, as though the coaching experience burst a bubble!”

− P.B., Manager of Service Delivery

Corporate Coaching Testimonials

corporate coaching coachee feedback on their results:

“It created self awareness. It allowed me to take a step back and determine what direction I truly needed to go.”

“It forced me to challenge my own direct reports going forward and think about how I can support them to grow more as well.”

“100% yes, I am a much happier employee which has allowed me to be more positive both at work and at home.”

“I have a higher sense of control over my time and am now managing my stress level. I feel I would not have lasted through the recent changes, if I had stayed the same.”

“I have a better focus on tasks, on strategies and on my goals. And pay less attention to being in the weeds.”

“I am not longer a hostage to e-mails. I am no longer an “enabler” of negativity from others. Also, I have retrained direct reports to use the proper avenues to communicate with me. I now analyze things beforehand and am less reactionary to things. I also have a different perspective about coming to work – for a while I did not want to come, but now I look forward to it!”


feedback from the leaders of coaching clients:

“My employee is so much more confident and able to handle the challenges he faces; he is calmer and happier and has a better work/life balance; he really appreciates the effort [the company] put in through this process”

“Tangible and quick changes were noticeable. Increased self-awareness and improved, open communication skills.”

“Through the initiative, I gained a better understanding of [my direct report] and what she struggles with. This gives me the opportunity to help her more effectively moving forward.”


coaching versus other methods:

Coaching project participants rated coaching with Simone Alberts as far more effective than other traditional employee development methods.

Client Evaluation

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